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Investing in Aboriginal Art, FAQs:

Is the art for sale?

Yes! While Aboriginal Exhibitions Gallery at Rutherglen Estates presents quarterly exhibitions curated in a museum style, all works are for sale. As well as works on display, there are over 600 paintings and artefacts avaliable for purchase. To arrange a private viewing please contact director Hans Sip or Curator Jamie Durrant.

Why invest in Aboriginal art?

For almost 50 years contemporary Aboriginal Art has been collected Internationally, and in many cases where quality works have been invested, handsome returns have been achieved when it comes time to sell. Aboriginal Exhibitions Gallery is unique in that many works are extremely rare and have been shown in international and Australian state museum exhibitions. A large amount of works have also been published in books. All paintings, collected by Director Hans Sip have an impeccable provenance.

Where is the art from?

Melbourne/Wangaratta-based Collector Hans Sip has collected art pieces over the past 50 years, and has done so with an extreme passion. During this time he has gained a detailed knowledge in Aboriginal arts and culture and worked closely with individual artists and Aboriginal art centres.

From 2000 onward Hans has represented Northern Queensland artists Luke Cummins, his brother John, Billy Doolan and Russell Butler. Fitzroy Crossing, WA artist Jack Macale and Ngukurr, NT artist Wendy Espie are also represented by Hans. Sustained financial support given to Victorian artists Trevor ‘Turbo’ Brown and Craig Charles also led to substantial holdings of their works.

What about the art's provenance?

Aboriginal Exhibitions Gallery holds a large database of original painting and artefact artist and art centre certificates. Additionally photographs of the artists and collections of published materials – books, exhibition brochures and other historic documents outline a clear and accurate provenance to each work. Given collector Hans Sip’s personal connection to many represented artists, he can provide direct provenance to all of the works for sale.

Which state galleries hold works acquired by Aboriginal Exhibitions?

Aboriginal Exhibitions Gallery Director/Collector Hans Sip is a Foundation Member of the National Gallery of Victoria. Over the years this membership has allowed a close connection to Senior Aboriginal Art Curator Judith Ryan, and others at the NGV. Recently the National Gallery of Victoria acquired through Hans several rare and unique works by artist Trevor ‘Turbo’ Brown.

Djambu (Sambo) Barra Barra
Bones No. 2, 2003
86 x 123cm, Acrylic on Canvas

How do I know the art is authentic?

After more than 20 years of collecting some of Australia’s most celebrated Aboriginal artists’ paintings, Hans Sip has amassed a unique and very detailed knowledge of each artists’ painting style, use of materials, tribal ‘voice’ and creative direction. We guarantee authenticity of all art works sold, as being produced by the artist as noted on the certificate. Aboriginal Exhibitions Gallery offers a money back guarantee if this is found to be not the case.

Will the art I purchase come with a certificate of provenance?

Yes! Each work sold comes with a printed certificate of authenticity from either the Aboriginal community where the work was producer, or from Aboriginal Exhibitions Gallery outlining the exhibition history and/or background on the artist.

Which artists are represented?

The entire Hans Sip collection of Aboriginal art and artefacts comprises over six hundred pieces. Collected works include paintings and artefacts from: Victoria; Cape York and Arnhem Land, NT; Northern Queensland; Kimberley and Fitzroy River, WA; Central and Western Deserts; Tiwi Islands and South Australia.

Artists represented include Luke Cummins, John Cummins, Billy Doolan, Russell Butler, Jack Macale and Wendy Espie.

Other artists’ works for sale include: Trevor ‘Turbo’ Brown, Clifford Possum, Michelle Possum, Gabriella Possum, Gertie Huddleston, Amy Jirwulurr Johnson, Alan Joshua Jnr, Faith Thompson Nelson, Joyce Huddlestone, Maureen Thompson, Lurick Fordham,  Betty Roberts and many more.