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Aboriginal Exhibitions –
Collection Highlights 2018
October 6, 2018 – January 14, 2019

Curated by Jamie Ivan Durrant

Opening to the public October 6, the Aboriginal Exhibitions – Collection Highlights 2018 exhibition will be an exploration of some of the more rare and individual pieces within the Hans Sip Collection.

Artists including: Dennis Nelson Tjakamarra, Russell Butler, John Cummins and Gabriella Possum Nungurrayi will represent a diversity in works; outlining the methods in how gallery Director Hans Sip has collected art; whether this be based on a choice of emotionally charged messages within art, technical skill in creation, or simply the beauty and design show in its final appearance.

Artefacts and sculptures will feature in the exhibition including: ceremonial shields, boomerangs, coolamons and wood carvings. These will expand the exhibition from a two, to three-dimensional scope with natural ochre tones and native timbers and fibres colouring the gallery space.

Larger paintings from celebrated artists such as Kudditji Kngwarreye and John Cummins will provide impact and drama; while the utterly detailed beauty in colour and design of Gabriella Possum’s storytelling scenes featuring visual mapping of stars, galaxies and Country will have viewers hooked on the messages within art. 2017 exhibited artists Trevor ‘Turbo’ Brown and Craig Charles will reappear with works previously unseen.

Paintings with lighter elements visually, will carry strong messages that marry pleasingly with a diverse collection of art, brought together from artists all over Australia. Aboriginal Exhibitions – Collection Highlights 2018 promises to surprise and delight all art fans with its rare insight into the thousands of years of continued Aboriginal tribal teachings and story telling passed down through the generations. A mutual respect for Country within the artists’ individual nations is just one of the many themes explored. Connecting the old with the new, Aboriginal Exhibitions – Collection Highlights 2018 will be showcasing a flow from paintings and artefacts representing a journey from traditional historic reference to a modern world view of Aboriginal art. It features works created by many of the leading artists of our time.

Collections Exhibition 2018
Russell Butler, Warrgamay Design, 2007 Natural ochre on fig wood, 90cm